Do you only look forward to Friday?

You have your 9-5 job which gives you a reasonable pay so you can afford your basic expenses and have fun during weekends, but you are not fulfilled with what you are doing. All that is in your mind every week is that you really hope that Friday comes soon so you can actually enjoy your weekend and that is the problem.

A week has 7 days and 5 of these days you are doing something that you do not truly like. Then, Friday comes and you are left with 2 days to have some fun. And when you realize that is already Sunday night, you get that unpleasant feeling of having the obligation to wake up early the next day to go to work and do the same unfulfilling tasks over and over again.

You are just holding on to this job because it guarantees you financial security and maybe because it is “too risky” to step outside your comfort zone to look for your dream job and do what you truly love.

Well, have you thought about doing what you are passionate about for 5 days a week and then having 2 extra days (weekend) to do whatever else you wanted? Or maybe you will love your work so much that you wish you could do it for the entire week. That job, my friends, is your dream job and you should go find yours.

As stated by the motivational speaker Tony Gaskins, “if you don’t build your own dream someone will hire you to help build theirs” – and that is very true.

Don’t look forward to Friday. Find your passion and what you truly want to do in life. Work on your dream, and little by little make it become your new life. Once you do that, you will realize that every day looks like a Friday.

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