4 Steps To Keep Yourself Motivated

Motivation” is something we think about each and every day. Questions and statements like the following come up all the time:

How do I stay motivated today? What’s going to motivate me today? Stay motivated! My family is my motivation. Stay motivated because all the hard work is worth it in the end.

What is interesting to know is that finding motivation is the easiest part but maintaining your motivation is the hardest. Here are a few steps that will help you to keep your motivation on the right track:

1) Inspirational Quotes

Stumbling upon motivational quotes and re-sharing them on Facebook is great but how about keeping them in your room and by a spot where you go every morning (by your mirror perhaps). By seeing these quotes and reading them back to yourself, you feel more motivated and confident instantly. Doing this overtime aids your motivation on a greater level. Find your top 5 that keep you going every day and that you can relate to Pinterest which is a great place to start and also check our Facebook Page.

2) Conquering a To-Do List

We all have so many things to do. It can be overwhelming to keep track of it. The best way to stay motivated and not a ball of stress is by making a to-do list each morning or before you go to bed so you get all your anxious thoughts out of the way and feel more relaxed. The best part of this is when you cross out each task you have accomplished. You feel that much more confident in conquering your next task! A mobile app that I would recommend is Wunderlist – check it out!

3) List of Goals

This is different from #2. When we feel unmotivated or lost we forget what our goals are and what we want for our future. What I do when I feel like I’m in an “endless pit hole” of confusion, I make a list of what I need to accomplish and I start with the following: short and long term goals.
Short term goals are within in the week or month that I want to accomplish. For example, finish a paper or save $100 by the end of the month. Long term goals would be along the lines of what bigger things (or things that take a long time to accomplish) I am trying to achieve and how my short term goals will get me there. The key here is the shorter the list the better. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself!

4) Treating Yourself!

After accomplishing your desired goals it is great to have a way of treating yourself. Now it doesn’t mean splurging on things with money you don’t have but can be as small as, doing your nails after a long week of work or as big as after finishing your degree traveling to Europe on a budget. Finding what you love to do on a budget is possible. For all you students out there check out this list: 50 Ways To Reward Yourself For Studying.

All in all, these various things will keep you calm, motivated, and easily accomplishing your goals. This will keep you not only in check with yourself but motivate you to stay on the right track and let you accomplish your goals easily!

This post was written by our contributor Rachel Abitan.


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